Adult Education

Our Adult Forum meets on Sundays from 8: 45 AM – 9:45 AM.

Currently we are reading and discussing the Lectionary (readings from the Bible) for the day. We attempt to find a thread in all three readings and then discuss how they apply to our lives today. We often use multiple translations and various study Bibles to see if the footnotes or wording add or change our interpretation of the readings.

Periodically we will discuss different topics that may interest us as a group.  We have studied Job and Genesis in the past year.  We are always open to any suggestion for a new study.

We have become quite close over the past years. We can say what we think, ask questions that may make us feel less

advanced than others, and still know that everyone listens to our personal opinions and will not make us feel awkward.

Three or four of the participants in this group have been meeting for 20 years or more, but the rest have joined more recently. We are always happy when someone joins our discussion, because the input increases our perspective.  A different person will often shed a new light on the subject and make all of us think about the issue more deeply.

Come join us any Sunday.  Perhaps you will develop a deeper interest in the Bible and find a few crazy Christians that you can connect with.

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